How can I become involved; are there any volunteer opportunities?

We’d love your help! We have a Fundraise section on our website. Just fill out the registration form to create your own personal fundraiser. It's easy! Use your creativity to help raise money and awareness for a good cause. You can also use resources like Amazon Smile to contribute.

How do I submit a #DREAMDAY request?

All you have to do is fill out the #DREAMDAY application here.

How long does it take until you are selected for a #DREAMDAY?

The LTDF team works very hard at fulfilling every request as quickly as possible, but this process could take a few weeks or longer depending on many different factors. There are several variables leading into the fulfillment of every request, and due to these it is difficult to give an exact timeline. One important variable to note is degree/stage of sickness and life-expectancy, this undoubtedly moves one up the list as high-priority.

Can you donate by check?

Yes! Please make all checks out to Living The Dream Foundation and send to: 120 Tustin Ave Ste C #1015 Newport Beach, CA 92663

How do you find your guest?

We’ve developed solid relationships over the past decade with our music industry partners, bands & artist friends; Together, we send out notices of upcoming events via our combined network platforms. This ensures that our guest are over-the-top excited about the event they’ve submitted for and are ultimately chosen for.

#DREAMDAY recipients are referred to us by their friends, siblings, parents, physicians, neighbors, etc; some guest even refer themselves.

How ill does one have to be in order to get a #DREAMDAY; Do you have to be terminal?

We strive to deliver smiles & relief to those in most desperate need first, but undoubtedly cover people with life-threatening situations as well; we are (more or less) flexible depending on the situation.

Where does money raised go?

All money’s raised in the name of "Living The Dream Foundation" go towards delivering #DREAMDAYS for our guests in-need.

What qualifies you for a #DREAMDAY?

Living with a terminal or clinical life-threatening illness qualifies you.

Is there an age limit?

5-35 years old